Welcome to my digitized home. I'm guessing you didn't get here by accident which only means one thing: your curiosity about me got the better of you. If you're up for a little time travel and can handle a solid dose of weird, read on.

Born: One raw rainy October night in Detroit, my mother received her first disappointment by giving birth to a girl. Not only did she not get the beautiful baby boy she had pinned her heart on, but instead gave birth to the ugliest baby in the maternity ward-- I still get comments from family members about how they never thought I'd lose that lovely shade of PURPLE . . . Surprise!


         All my dad hoped for was a perfectly healthy child. Strike two! I was born without tear ducts and a hole in my heart which my fiancee would say explains a hell of a lot. In spite of all my monstrous imperfections and the ones yet to come, I was blessed with the best life guides anyone entering this human experience would be proud to have as parents or as I refer to them “parentals”.


        If you were to peep into the window of my childhood, you’d most likely find my mother, my grandmother and my Nena begging then demanding me to be normal which I would have gladly done had they only explained the definition of normal to me in a way I could understand.


        I had no idea it was abnormal to prefer the company of my imaginary friends over the kids banging at our door, asking if I could play.  You would have ignored them, too, and instead gone with the menagerie of magical characters living in my closet, given the chance. Also, I never understood why my drawings of vibrantly feathered dragon birds with bloodied, jagged teeth always made my parentals cringe and exchange awkward glances before  inevitably throwing my beautiful monsters in the trash instead of proudly displaying them on our refrigerator, where all great masterpieces belong.  And I especially did not understand what the big deal was over a friendly, little game of freeze-tag I had organized that lasted only few months because the parents from our neighborhood were in an uproar upon discovering their children had been sneaking out of their homes at the stroke of midnight to play in the streets. It was fun while it lasted.


       Though completely clueless, I quickly learned I was the ultimate weirdo. I saw things differently and different, it seemed, was a bad thing. Trying to hide my odd inclinations proved to be exhausting, and my dad took note. He understood because, you see, he's weird, too. So, he let me in on his little secret by getting me my very own library card which he explained was better than any airplane ticket. t didn't take long to find out what he meant. I could escape to another world where I, Susanna, seized to exist and instead experience a life that was not my own. Each book took me on a wlidly new adventure, and each character showed me their world through their eyes, through their feelings through their very souls. It wasn’t long before I started breathing life into my own fantastical tales in the privacy of my closet, the only place my secret world could come alive without interruption, without judgement and with no trashcans. Best of all, I had the power to suspend reality and twist it with no mention of that dirty little word: impossible.

Present: I live in semi-tropical McAllen, Tx with my four catty roommates where I continue creating the most incredible magic of all, an enchanting life.


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