A Cat's Tale by Susanna Fantich Maddrigal

A Cat's Tale


Fifteen-year-old Isadora was born with a slight deformity: silver hair. Though she dyes it an average brown and has perfected blending into the background, she battles with always feeling like a secret freak, a monster in disguise. 


Bit by bit, as fragmented pieces about her mother's past begin to fall into place, Isadora and her cat Serena find themselves sucked into an ancient realm long forgotten by humans--- an enchanted land where nothing is what it seems, where nothing can be taken for granted.


Before Isadora can save anyone, she will have to dive deep into an unfamiliar world--- one that holds the darkest truths to her fears and family secrets, leaving her to face an intimate threat that will change her life forever . . .

​What a relatable, well-drawn tale! Isadora is a likable Everygirl. The conceit of cats who were witches in past lives is interesting and fresh. This set up of this newly-formed family who are forced  to depend on each other when things get out of hand is masterfully written, exciting, and engaging. . . .  Very visual and would lend itself nicely to the big screen. The backstory about the missing girl in their house gives this YA novel an effectively-scary edge that makes the reader need to know more.

- Word Hustler

Written in a young voice, yet with an olde worlde tone – interesting, quirky, and bursting with color. Real page turner.
- Page 99

Starts off innocent enough, then delivers a wicked scratch when you least expect it.